Naples Leasing Agent vs Naples Property Manager

Understand the difference of a Naples Property Manager & a Naples Leasing Agent….

I often see real estate agents managing a rental with a Lease Listing Agreement. This agreement only gives a Real Estate Agents the option to lease out a home and does not lay out the responsibilities of collecting rent, facilitating repairs, and managing landlord & tenant relations as a Naples Property Manager would have through a Property Management Agreement.

Below is a short summary of the different rolls….keep in mind when working with a Naples Property Manager company like Bluefish Property Management we have both leasing agents and property managers on staff.

LEASING AGENT: This is advertising, showing, and qualifying a tenant for a landlord and after you move the tenant in your responsibilities typically end. I have found that agents often confuse a lease listing agreement with doing property management but they are separate agreements if using the standard Florida forms

MGMT: A Naples property manager is typically responsible for facilitating all repairs, collecting rent, complying with laws and regulations, preventive maintenance, and having the systems in place to keep track of everything happening at the property under management. Property managers are typically paid a fee and/or a percentage of the rent brought in for the property while under management.

LANDLORDS: Make sure if you intend to have an agent performing management services you have a property management agreement. If not you could be dealing with a lot of headaches since there are no clear terms on who does what.

REALTORS: Make sure if you are leasing out a home you are not acting as a Naples property manager. Doing so could damage your reputation for not having the right systems in place and creates liability for both you and your Broker.

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